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After a few customers it became clear that many buinesses have similar needs. So we rolled up our sleeves and created these starting points that can still be customized!

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Modules Available Now

Todo List

Users can check in and out of tasks and this information is used in our next module...

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Automatic Invoicing

Generate an invoice with an itemized description of each task pulled from the todo Module Then email it as a PDF to your client.

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Client Tracking

Collect client information specific to your business, such as note on all communication and what products they have bought from your company.

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Receipt Tracking

Upload IRS Accepted images of reciepts then organize with the same categories as Turbo Tax.

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Project Manager

Add todos to specific projects and manage who can see them.

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Budgeting Module

Enter all repeating charges you expect for the year and monitor if you will have enough money to pay them.

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Modules In Development

Employee Accountability

Opening and closing procedures are listed step by step with employees taking photos of every completed task.
Detailed time logs tell you how long they spend "mopping the floors".

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Employee Payroll

automatically pay employees for the time they spent working on tasks.

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Create your own!

Interact with any other prebuild module's data to make reports or whatever you need done!

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